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Dark Italian Keurig K-Cup Compatible Coffee Capsules Strength 9/10 Box of 24 coffee pods

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A true Dark Italian Continental classic, perfect balance of high quality Arabica 100% beans.

A great blend of South American coffee beans from Brazil, Costa Rica, and Colombia roasted darker to give a true continental flavour.

These compatible Keurig® K-Cup® compatible capsules are a perfect balance of high quality Arabica beans, contained in a capsule. Saves time, effort and mess and the results are superb when using the Keurig K 140 or K 150 coffee makers

Our most popular coffee of all the different coffees that we stock, a Dark Roast, Full Bodied, coffee with low acidity, with a lingering mouth feel 

A great coffee to wake you up, and keep you going

Strength 9/10 


Box of 24 Keurig® K-Cup® Compatible Capsules